The loose screw....

Today is the day I give up chatting about books for a bit and share one of the many small things in our home that have become a "sore subject" between myself and my husband on occasion.

We have lived in our home now for over a year, there are still a few items that have "kinks" in them that crop up every now and again that drive me crazy as have to deal with them over and over.

This week once again it is the bathroom hand towel rack that the previous owner installed, it is cheap and flimsy and my husband and I need to replace both mine and his but just have not gotten around to it as not a priority project. Even though it is a fairly simple fix to replace never remember it needs doing until this happens:
the culprit that looks so "innocent" but believe me is a total "pain"
the little "mounting bracket" that holds rack on wall
behind the round part that holds rack on wall is the screw that keeps coming loose periodically requiring me to take the rack off it's mount and tighten said screw and then replace on mount till next time it works it ways loose.
 fixed product minus hand towel (you cannot tell difference between first photo and last but believe me when I say there was one!)
So tell me what drives you a bit "nuts" at your house, apartment, condo or wherever you happen to dwell that needs to be "tinkered" with on a regular basis?




Mike Keyton said...

The world breaks down between those who live with problems and those who fix them - and those who redefine a problem. Our bugbear is a dishwasher, which, when the swing door is opened (bit like a drawbridge) grates the handle of a cupboard handle fitted a little too snugly. For ten years now we've lived with a low tech solution ie unscrewed one of the two screws holding the offending handle in place. When we open the dishwasher we now just have to remember to 'swing' the handle out of reach.

Jackie Burris said...

Mike your "low tech" solution is amusing to me as I would have already taken the blasted handle off and opened the cupboard another way, or "retired" it altogether due to the hassle. You and yours have more patience than I do!

Thanks for sharing, that is totally a bigger pain than our towel racks.

Maria Zannini said...

You don't have enough blog space to list everything I want to fix, improve or replace. LOL.

There are major fixes in store for the house this year. Refinishing the wood floors is the biggie.

Charlee Allden said...

Your post made me laugh, but I totally get how a tiny thing can be such a pain. My loose screw (besides the one in my head) is in the track that holds up a closet door. I have several like this actually and two that I'm going to have to upsize the screws because the whole has gotten so much wear and tear. Oye!

Jackie Burris said...

Maria I do not even have enough blog space to list all my "fixes" but this one is an ongoing thing that finally drove me to complain in public!

Looking forward to seeing photos of the clean, gleaming floor finish you guys get.

I am not even going to get into the closet door dilemma, we had bifold doors at previous home and was so happy the ones in this house are the regular kind that are not on tracks because every one of the ones in the other house drove me nuts trying to keep them fixed!

Charlee at least this post today was good for a smile, thanks for sharing your woes and maybe one day the people who invent things to make life easier for us will actually get it right!