Smiling and Laughter......

smiling kitty Munequa
Much better mood lifters than crying and sorrow, smiling and laughing can make one feel better even in the midst of a crisis. 
Over the years I have found one of the best pieces of advice really is true, if you smile when you talk it really does make you feel better than if you frown or make no face at all.
Smiling is not something we do when we feel tired, but if we smile than somehow that feeling of being tired seems to go away for a while and your mood lifts enough to allow you to get your second wind.
Laughter is hard right after losing a loved one, a pet, a friend or even a cherished possession. Laughter is still the number one best "medicine" even if it is a weak chuckle at first. An all out belly laugh with all your facial muscles and parts of the rest of your body involved is even better. The next time you feel like crying, find a silly little joke to read to yourself, watch a funny movie or listen to a silly song and perk up!
What do you think is an inappropriate time to smile or laugh? What has someone done that made you smile or laugh when you were feeling low?