Hughes Net to the rescue!!!!

I love my IPhone 4S, it is a wonderful tool that allows me to communicate easily with voice and email, it allows me to surf the web and look up things when I have time waiting for a doctor's appointment or read on my Kindle for IPhone rather than just sit around as a passenger when in a vehicle and not the driver, my phone does as much as any computer just as fast but as a way to connect to the Internet it has been expensive as well as stressful!
this is me being too lazy to photograph the  phone, so used box instead LOL
All that finally changed, we tried from the day we moved into our current home to find a provider that was as good as Time Warner's Road Runner. We got in touch with quite a few companies whose specialty was rural areas and none of them could provide us with service. Finally we gave up and got the service through AT&T to use our smart phones as a Wi-Fi Hot Spot, that worked but it is slow it is unreliable and the plan limit of 5gb's a month and then charge for every 1gb used over that has become a real expense that we just are tired of paying.

What is funny is the actual Internet speed is around the same (as AT&T Hot Spot on phone) to upload from my computer to someplace else, the web page downloading to me though is much faster so makes browsing easier.
photo is linked to Hughes Net as source of image
Finally on the 28th of January my husband made the call to HUGHES NET and on the 7th of February we got set up to be able to use 24 hour streaming satellite Internet. At long last maybe now my social activities online can be enjoyed at length rather than in short bursts and my new IMac computer will be on and hooked up to the Net more than off and not used!
Dish is bigger than you can see but this is view from front of garage. 
DirecTV dish is smaller and creating a shadow, Hughes Net is second dish with longer "shaft".
I think maybe DirecTV dish has "size" issues now! LOL
Who provides you with Internet? How good is your service? Do you find yourself without during bad weather?



Maria Zannini said...

Update us on your service in a few months and let me know if Hughes Net is reliable.

I'd still rather have Verizon FiOS, but I get cards in the mail saying that Hughes Net services our area too.

Jackie Burris said...

Maria after install we had a violent thunderstorm on Friday, satellite went out but Internet did not. First test passed with flying colors but I still miss Road Runner from Time Warner, it is unlimited streaming Internet service and faster but that is the price of rural living.

Maria said...

I live in an urban area so I'm with AT&T Uverse for internet and tv too....it's okay but expensive...sigh...sure would be nice to find an affordable alternative - they all start out with a discount but once the time period's up...they gouge the heck out of you....lol...Good luck with your new provider.

June G said...

Wow. I had no idea you were having so much trouble! I don't have the best of luck with WiFi. I recently got an iPad and decided to pay for the cellualar data plan to make sure I can get access. Glad to hear things are better. I'm thinking of getting a new iPhone myself. I'm still using 3G and there's no light for night photos and I can't take videos...pluss the internet is slow as heck, sometimes!

Jackie Burris said...

Maria do I ever hear you about the expense, our bills since we had to move to the area we are not reflect savings on electricity and water consumption but the AT&T bill for cell and Internet more than makes up for it that is for sure. Uverse is only a dream as we never intend to live inside city limits again, as we have not done so for 12 years and we love our little private plot of land!

June, we have a HUGE problem with "line of sight", between the trees and the topography of the land all the providers in our area that have towers set up to broadcast cannot reach us.

Last resort was either Hughes Net or one other satellite company that everyone says is horrible on service and reception both so we went with HN.

First thunderstorm with high winds and lots of wind came through day after install and Internet worked fine, we will see how it goes in future.