Starstruck Romance and Other Hollywood Tails-Second Chances Bk #2 {My Thoughts}

Starstruck Romance and Other Hollywood Tails: A Second Acts NovelStarstruck Romance and Other Hollywood Tails: A Second Acts Novel by Julia Dumont
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Book Info
Paperback, 250 pages
Published September 4th 2012 by BroadLit
ISBN 0985540451 (ISBN13: 9780985540456)
edition languageEnglish
series Second Acts #2
characters Cynthia Amas
Source:Netgalley EARC for honest review

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As her Second Acts Dating Service truly takes off, Cynthia Amas discovers that in the heady world of high-end Hollywood romance, with success comes complexity. In this wildly seductive romp through the lush canyons and lavish neighborhoods of Los Angeles, the line between business and pleasure quickly blurs in a dizzying rush of sex and celebrity. Just as our heroine’s uncanny genius for matching up her growing roster of exclusive love seekers continues to deepen, her own love life reaches a fever pitch. Things get complicated. And funny. And excruciatingly sensual. Cynthia’s high-maintenance lovelorn mother, her maddeningly hot ex-fling Max, a long-lost high school crush, and of course her best friend, the libidinous, star-crazed Lolita and her mysterious pack of telepathic canines, are all along for the ride. Not to mention one very rich, very famous film producer. On top of everything else, her newest, most important client is literally the biggest movie star in the world. In more ways than one. When it comes to extra curriculars, he is the hardest-working stud in show business. Try as Cynthia may to hook him up with any number of gorgeous ladies in waiting, his notoriously one-track mind is set on her. She’s determined to steer the dating service to the next level, but it’s hard to focus, let alone keep your hands on the wheel, when you’re hot, bothered, and nearly driven to distraction along the steamy highways and byways of love and lust. What a way to make a living.

My Thoughts
Following closely in the footsteps of the first book in the series this one picks up with Cynthia once again thrust into the madcap and slightly overwhelming world of matchmaking. Her new best friend Lolita Albion, Lolita's dogs Max King and Wilfredo all play a significant part in helping make Cynthia's new business a success as well.

Cynthia is once again on the fast track to hooking up more clients, including her own outrageous mother who once she commits herself to the idea takes the initiative to go on the dating site and find her own idea of the perfect man which of course leads to Cynthia pretty much having a nervous breakdown as Margie manages to pick a well known Lothario for her date!

Add in the fact that leading man Jack Stone refuses to give up in his quest to seduce Cynthia himself and you have some of the best out takes in show business just waiting for the right moment to happen.

This second book brings back ex Max, long ago crush Peter Blatt and ends up causing Cynthia to nearly lose her mind trying her best to keep her business demands fulfilled and at the same time keep her multiple suitors straight. Hollyweird at it's zaniest!

All in all another hilarious look at some of the pitfalls of being involved in the loves and lives of Hollywood's players, even though Cynthia is on the outside looking in it still can get pretty intense when all those egos collide in dramatic fashion!

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