Reading and Blogging Stats Update....

2012 Reading Challenge

2012 Reading Challenge
Jackie has completed her goal of reading 300 books in 2012.
Half the fun of this reading challenge was reaching the goal, the other half was the fact that off my own book shelves made a nice dent in my To Be Read stack and also the digital books on my Kindle were whittled down. Of course it needs to be said that no sooner did I read one book on my Kindle that I already owned but 5 more would come out free from Amazon to download so am really no better than when I started the challenge last year. 
Thank you to all the authors who have had the patience to let me stop reading review book requests from July of 2012 through January of 2013, am almost caught up with my personal requests that came from Netgalley and still enjoying reading books that I already own that are no pressure pleasure reads!
I will once again start reviewing via author requests in mid February.

Now in looking over the blog the stats are still ever changing but as of writing this post have 6437 comments since opening blog in 2009, 144 pageviews for yesterday 1/22/2013, 1631 total posts and 632 GFC followers.  Also have 157 Networked blog followers on Facebook, 63 email subscribers (which is low can more peeps sign up please) and 1082 Twitter followers (thanks to Triberr that is steadily growing slowly.).
My blog counter shows 185,806 total views since installing it in 2010, biggest hits for traffic seem to come from Yahoo which was at 743 on 1/22/2013, our 31st anniversary got 608 page hits and so far my 2013 International giveaway has attracted close to 400 page views. {Still time to enter as it closes on the 29th.}
replacement IMac coming soon,
photo links to Apple store

21.5 -inch: 2.7 GHz
2.7 GHZ quad-core Intel Core I5
Turbo Boost up to 3.2 GHZ
8 GB (two 4 GB) memory
1TB hard drive
NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M with 512 MB

This bad boy will replace my 7 year old IMac desktop and when it comes in there will need to be a short blog hiatus as have to strip my old computer and have items put on the new computer so that means nothing for me to work on for at least three days as have to take both to Apple store technician in Austin and drop them off to have work done.

I am excited as my current computer no longer is able to update my browsers or anything else that is needed as my operating system is out of date and the computer is also starting to freeze up and sit instead of processing what I am trying to work on. Makes setting up blog posts a real challenge that is stressful so am not on my computer very much anymore and when am using it sit and wait a lot for things to work.



Maria Zannini said...

Wow! to all your stats. And congrats on the new iMac.

Greg is getting one too. It hasn't arrived yet. But he is so excited.

Good for you for knowing you needed the break. It puts less pressure on you and it gives you time to catch up without putting anyone out.

PS My argontech account isn't working again, so if you want to email me, use my gmail address.

Jackie Burris said...

Maria I am excited about getting back into new to me authors and review books but still sticking to waiting a few more weeks for requested reads so I have Netgalley books caught up. I got addicted just like everyone else and quickly found myself swamped with galley reads but found some great books to enjoy.

iMac is a luxury but the computers are just so much better than PC's!

June G said...

My computer is out of date too and can no longer update the browser--or even synch with iTunes! What a pain! I know the computer companies set it up this way so that you have to keep buying computers. It annoys me to no end. Argh!!!

Elizabeth said...

Wow on the number of books you read.

That is outstanding.


IMacs are very nice...ENJOY!!

Silver's Reviews

Jackie Burris said...

June you are right but if we want to play we have to pay!

Elizabeth reading every day allows me a good count and yes Mac computer is the way to go, no more PC's for me that is for sure!

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Seriously, 300 books!?! WOW! That blew me away. Amazing reading speed. Wonderful job!

Jackie Burris said...

When you cannot do much else reading is a great time passer Melissa, this year will not get that high of a number but the trade off is that as I feel stronger am able to do things around the house rather than waiting for my husband to do them so I am happy with that as being so sick so much of 2012 almost drove me crazy.

Aurian said...

Those are great stats Jackie, congrats on making your goal. And hooray for the new computer, I hate it when the thing doesn't work as I want him to.

Jackie Burris said...

Computers are like kids cranky and hard to please but so worth having in your life!