Eyelids surgeries, ER visit and new computer updates.

My thoughts all week!
My Mother had surgery on both her right and left lower eyelids due to bottom eyelashes being inverted and touching her actual eyeballs. The surgery was Monday the 28th, we started our journey of preparation for her 7:30 am arrival time to downtown Austin at 4 am that morning and once she was checked in a little after 8 am she was discharged around 9:20 am and then we started home.

Trip was fun, traffic was a real pain with the normal idiot lane changers who dived in and out of traffic like they were the only ones on the road. We had not even left Austin before someone almost slammed into the passenger side of our vehicle, if my husband did not have good reflexes we would have had a wreck.

Monday arriving home already exhausted was to be expected, bad part of that is there was no time to rest as ice pack for eyes had to be applied every hour on the hour for the rest of the day until Mom went to bed. She did well and slept most of the day on and off and fairly well Monday night.

Hope we never have a day like this again!
Tuesday the 29th started off fine with Mom very chipper and feeling little to no pain, that all changed around lunch time when she started feeling nausea. By 4:45 the pain from her left eye brought about the decision to use her prescription pain medicine, mistake was she took Tylenol with Codeine and only ate a banana which totally upset her stomach and by 6 pm everything got much worse and then by 9 we were on the way to the ER as nothing would stay down or ease her nausea.

Wednesday the 30th still needed sleep as Mom was better but my nerves would not let me relax all day as feared a repeat performance.

Thursday finds us somewhat more relaxed and looking forward to Fed Ex delivering my new IMac computer so can get it set up and start loading my files onto it in preparation for switching over to it full time and retiring my current computer.

That ER trip brought us home after midnight on the 29th so very little sleep since Saturday the 26th translates into starting the weekend still trying to catch up and also since my new IMac desktop will have been delivered finally have a reason to smile as now can learn how it compares to the 7 year old version am replacing. (I found the silver lining/light at the end of the dark tunnel.)
How was your week? Anything dramatic happen? Anything new and exciting?



miki said...

I hope your mother is being better now... i really don't understand how they discharge people so quickly in the US here she would have tos tay at least one day or a few hour to avoid that kind of trouble and to be sure everything was fine.
The essential is that she recover completely

This week has not been bad but i admit you were a large reason when i manage to smile and be happy so thank you once again. Several of my package disappeared and it's really an hell to find a responsible and fill a complain ( they refuse!!) so i'm sent from on,e place to another and sometimes they are really rude. But i'm not giving up.

The weather was also not freezing this week ( but going from minus 10 to +12 will be paid later that's for sure) so i got to go out without slipping^^

i hope you will enjoy your new computer!

Jackie Burris said...

Miki Mom is over pain, nausea, swelling and even bruising is almost gone so thanks.

Glad to help you find your smile and sorry about your troubles. Please keep your cold weather, we are near freezing this morning and that is enough for me!

It will be hours yet until computer arrives but when that delivery happens there will be singing as I set it up for use. :-)

Charlee Allden said...

What a time you had. I guess all's well that ends well. Hope you are now happily playing, err, working on your new computer.

June G said...

Glad to hear you avoided a wreck, praise God! You never know what nuts are on the road. Those prescription pain killers can really do a job on your stomach. I gave up on the one they gave me. I had so much nausea, I settled for a plain Tylenol which worked just a good!

Can't wait to hear how you like the new IMac. I'm considering a new desktop myself. :-)

Did you do those needle points? They're awesome.

Jackie Burris said...

You had it right first time,played with computer for about 5 hours until my supper had to be cooked and cats had to be fed since it did not get to me until about 1 this afternoon got late start on setting it up. I LURVE my new IMac!

I especially love the fact that Mom felt so much better past two days,my paranoia though just has kept me keyed up because every time she made a funny noise after Tuesday night I jumped to check on her!

Yes it was very nice not to get hit on the way home June,we hate going to Austin on Monday or Friday as it seems they drive worse those two days.

The IMac is a wonderful machine, set it up after lunch and messed with it for 3 straight hours and it was so fast and so easy to capture all my browser bookmarks that I smiled all the rest of the day!

The cross stitch was indeed my work, the pictures of the finished products are all I have left of hundreds of framed and unframed projects in different stages of completion and I cry every time I think about all the hours and days and years it took me to make the needlework and now it is all gone except one that was hanging in my husband's office. That work and the frame he made to hang it in are the only two items we have left of our hand craft hobbies, stupid darn wildfires got everything else.

Maria Zannini said...

Glad to hear your mother is better now. I'm sure your anxiety over her was on overload.

And you and that fancy Mac! I'm so jealous. Greg gets his next week. He's like a kid waiting for Christmas. The sad part for me is that I'll never get to touch it since he'll be using it at his house 300 miles away.

Jackie Burris said...

Maria it has been a long week, she does feel better and is healing nicely but still complaining of a bit of pain and nausea now and again.

The IMac is so great, fast smooth and I am just about finished with the transfer of old computer files and so forth to new one. Waiting for my software Karl ordered through his company so we could get a huge discount on Word Professional Mac version and then can transfer the other stuff and have a way to read it as it was written.