Books that I enjoyed courtesy of Netgalley in 2012.

In 2012 I finally found myself succumbing to the lure of using my Netgalley account, requesting everything that appealed to me from comedic contemporary romance, serious romantic suspense, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, YA, erotic romance, historical romance and more. Soon my Kindle was filled with authors that I had read and more importantly new to me authors that I am now a fan of after just one book! Those are the ones that I am sharing today in no particular order of preference.

I will  start with J. C. Daniels who it was my great pleasure to discover back in July of 2012 was the alias of longtime favorite author Shiloh Walker

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  Blade Song Book 1 of Colbana Files series, which has book 2 Night Blade releasing some time in March, was a true treat in the genre of Urban Fantasy. Kit Colbana, the main female character, is reminiscent of Kate Daniels, Charlie Madigan and Gin Blanco in her ability to kick some serious bad guy behind and her mouthy attitude she cannot reign in no matter how much she should.

The next author is one that I had never heard of until came across her book that I would categorize as a contemporary erotic romance with a bent towards chick lit, The Theory of Attraction by author Delphine Dryden is by turns funny, sexy and all the way a thoroughly entertaining read that will fly by before you even realize it is done as it is less than 150 pages! It is one of those books that you will laugh along with and blush on occasion as there is an in depth foray into the world of BDSM that is quite deliciously steamy as well as quite informative.

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The third author whose work that I found and was enthralled by enough to want to look into reading the rest of her trilogy was Lisa Renee Jones
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Billed as 50 Shades of Grey meets Basic Instinct this is a darkly drawn contemporary romance with erotic overtones as well as suspense so it also crosses genres. The story of Sara McMillan and Chris Merit is only the beginning of the Inside Out trilogy and the next two books will be out in June and September of 2013 respectively. I am hoping to continue with Being Me to see how much has changed with Sara and Chris since meeting them in book 1 as I cannot get their story out of my head!

In A Fix introduced me not only to the aura adaptor chameleon-like character of  Ciel Halligan in this new urban fantasy series by author Linda Grimes but a world that is both fun and serious at the same time. Ciel may be a bit too naive for her own good but watching her get in and out of situations by the skin of her teeth was quite entertaining. Book 2, Quick Fix, releases later this summer of 2013.
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Next entertaining and thought provoking read that I enjoyed is from author Jamie McGuire whose YA romance Beautiful Disaster made me sit down until the entire story was finished. The tale of teen angst, love, lies and tortured hearts being made whole was just so intense that it would not let me go until I learned everything there was to know in it's pages about Abby and Travis. Book 2 Walking Disaster is on my Read ASAP list as soon as it releases in April of 2013!
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The happiest Netgalley made me though was when I got to read an entire trilogy as the publisher Bell Bridge Books made it available, author Trish Milburn's Coven series could have actually been released in two books as total page count equaled no more than 532. However it was with great pleasure that I devoured books 1 and  2 in August of 2012 and book 3 in mid December. 

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This is only 7 authors that I enjoyed from Netgalley, how many of you have enjoyed these same books? Are you looking forward to reading more from the authors?

What other Netgalley finds did you read in 2012?




Aurian said...

I don't "do" Netgalley, I have so many books on my shelves already. But I do want to read the JC Daniels book, that lovely trilogy and the Linda Grimes book.

Jackie Burris said...

I should never have signed up but am glad to have found authors both familiar and new to me to enjoy so am working my way through all my requests as fast as I can so can get back to books on my shelves.

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

I do want to get Blade Song. It sounds like a great read I'd enjoy. I do have In A Fix here on the shelf, need to get to it. ;) And thanks for sharing new ones too.

Jackie Burris said...

Melissa hurry as book 2 in Colbana files is out in March.