Tile never looked soooo good!

Before Tile replaced carpet and old entry tile
Before new tile in front rooms and entryway
Blade is showing approval of new tile in front rooms
Freaked out over new tile floor
Have you ever wanted something in  your house replaced so badly for over a year that when the actual work was finally done your mind could not really believe that it only took 2 and a half days to do the work? We got an estimate on a Wednesday and the next week on Monday the 2 tilers came in, ripped carpet out in entire living room/entry to our master bedroom/front room/hallway and back spare room and had a walkway tiled and ready to go before leaving at 5pm that day. That also included shifting the couch/loveseat and stand alone recliner around as they stayed in the front rooms during the job.
Tuesday from 9 am till 2pm saw the main part of the living room and all of the front room where Blade is at and also the back spare room tiled and drying so the groutwork could be started early on Wednesday. That Wednesday the guys came back, grouted, cleaned, put carpet seams in entry ways and closets tacked back down and put our furniture back in place to sit on all by 2 pm again after only starting at 9 that morning.
Professional job when done, clean inside and outside you could not tell they had ever been at our house once all the debris was hauled away in their vehicles.
Happy homeowners who now do not have to deal with carpet that had seen way too many years of "accidents" from pets and neglect on keeping from tracking mud and other staining items inside and then never cleaning it well. I love vaccing tile, so much easier on my lower back!
Blade keeping toasty and off hard, cold tile floor.
Blade keeping warm off hard, cold tile
For those who notice walls are still pretty bare they are to be painted early in the New Year and some new bookshelves purchased to give my replacement books a home besides the boxes they currently hang out in, then we will decide what else to hang on the blank canvas as far as photos or paintings are concerned. We still have a lot of photos to reproduce from my computer files of family, vacation spots and pets so lots of work ahead of us to get them sorted and then picked and printed and framed for hanging.
That has not really been a priority since we have bigger goals on getting the inside of the house cleaned after years of renters and homeowners neglecting to clean handprints off walls it is kind of dingy after being around since 1999.
What is on your floor? Is it hard to maintain or something easy like inlaid tile?



Maria Zannini said...

I like it! Tile is so easy to keep clean.

Most of my house has wood floors that desperately need refinishing. Maybe someday.

Jackie Burris said...

Maria wood is so "warm" but the refinishing is a major issue as is the fact it warps and splinters so tile is our choice rather than carpet which we had ripped out. The stuff was nice when new but after 13 years of pets and people spilling not such a pretty sight or smell!

Krista said...

Looks very elegant!

Jackie Burris said...

Thanks, we think it looks soothingly neutral.

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Oh my! I love that tile! The large size is amazing. Glad you love your new look, and the kitties too. :)

Jackie Burris said...

Melissa the tomcat approves but the tabby not so much as they have less traction than on carpet.

Charlee Allden said...

It looks amazing! I have a mix of carpet and tile, but sadly the tile is prone to cracking. It is a fairly new house and I guess the house is still settling. I would love to try all wood downstairs.

Jackie Burris said...

Hopefully the floating floor goop the guys put down on the foundation where we had surface cracks will keep the tile safe as the house is 13 years old already. Charlene wood is gorgeous but I personally prefer tile for easier upkeep.