MS, Exercise, Injections and Attitude....

It has been awhile and life has kept me from providing all my well wishers and supporters on the blog a health update.
As of October 31st started my daily Copaxone injections which are not as bad as one might think.
photo of box with info booklets for medicine 
Although I totally detest and despise needles, drawing blood and taking shots the thought of feeling as miserable/out of sorts/dead exhausted and being almost unable to walk has turned that into a feeling of acceptance that if the daily indignity and discomfort of these injections stave off an MS relapse than it is what I will do along with daily exercise and stretching to keep my body strength from once again ebbing to almost nothing in my legs especially. Being on a walker for almost 2 months was a good wake up call, do not want to end up in a wheelchair so have to keep my legs from getting like they were back at end of July!
Injection Supplies used daily
Injection supplies
The only side effects thus far since beginning injections on 10/31/12 are site redness, stinging like an insect bite and a couple of puffy places all of which go away on their own within an hour and only thing noticeable is soreness or a lump occasionally which also goes away.
Recumbent Bike and Total Gym
Total GymRecumbent Exercise Bike

Now that Physical Therapy has ended have to continue maintaining my improved balance, leg strength and muscle tone on my own so our early Christmas present was 3 fold, new tile floor in back spare room, a new Nordic Trak Recumbent Exercise Bike and a new Total Gym so we can look like Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley someday!  LOL!
Anyway so far so good, have managed to acquire Handicap placards for 2 vehicles for those days when legs are so stiff cannot walk from back end of a parking lot to get to entry door to HEB's,  WalMart or Doctor's office since those are the main places I frequent that do not have available parking closer than length of a football field at any given time.

Best of all is the fact that after finally being diagnosed is that my Attitude has stayed positive, the sheer relief of being told why I felt so badly for so many years and could not find an answer or get any relief to stop the loss of strength in my legs, the leg spasms themselves and the lack of sleep caused by them which resulted in ongoing exhaustion for years. Now that all of that has been resolved it is easy to look forward and make life better day by day one day at a time by doing everything within my power to keep myself on track with strength exercises and daily stretching.

Any other Recumbent Bike users or Total Gym owners out there to give me any tips or tricks?



Bea said...

I am so happy to hear that the medicine and therapy are helping/have helped. The home gym is an excellent idea. I hope things continue to go well for you. There's no question a positive attitude helps and I'm impressed at how well you've maintained yours. Chronic illness can be depressing so kudos to you!

June G said...

I'm glad you have such a positive attitude and things have stabalized. I just learned I have arthritis in my hip. For a week I could barely walk. I didn't know if I'd be able to make it to work. It was scary. I'm praying for both of us! Cheers, my dear :-)

Maria Zannini said...

Just knowing what's wrong eases the mind. It's the not knowing that drives you insane.

The only exercise machine I have is an elliptical walker. Lugging 50lb bags of feed is all the exercise I want. LOL.

Aurian said...

Thanks for the update Jackie! I am so glad you are doing better. I don't really know anything about your situation, is there a chance it will heal completely? Or does that take a miracle? A scientific breakthrough in medicine?

Jackie Burris said...

Bea, June, Maria and Aurian thanks for the support. You ladies are part of the reason why my attitude is staying positive. I have emailed each of you in answer to your comments as the answers were too long to set up on blog comments themselves.

Mel said...

I'm a little behind with blog visits so I didn't realise you were diagnosed with MS. Big hugs! Keep up the positive attitude - it helps so much. And do as much exercise as you can.

My Mum was diagnosed with MS four years ago and unfortunately didn't take it particularly well going into depression and denial which was harder to deal with than the MS.

Remember there are other out there you can inspire and take inspiration from. Hugs!

Jackie Burris said...

Mel you are correct, Depression is harder to deal with and so far have yet to let myself succumb to feeling Oh Woe is me as it would not help in the least.

I am lucky as the group that is providing the injection meds has a great support system for people with MS.