I remember like it was yesterday the inspiration that motivated me to learn how to Cross-Stitch. My parents had taken me with them to visit my Father's sister and her husband and being too young to be involved with the adult conversation my curiosity led me to start exploring. My feet took me from room to room in my Aunt and Uncle's house until I came to a room with a picture on the wall which literally stopped me in my tracks! I cannot recall what kind of big cat it was, it was either a Leopard or a Cheetah, and the picture was crafted out of yarn not a photograph.
At that moment my passionate motivation to learn how to reproduce an image on cloth with yarn was born in all it's full-fledged glory! It was years before settling on the medium of Cross-Stitch, as learned my Aunt had done hers in Needlepoint and I never had the patience to learn it, or how to enjoy embroidery of any other sort to be honest. (The medium of Cross-Stitch was chosen because of the projects I had seen done by a friend, they were beautiful and looked so easy to work when I saw her stitching away!)
Flash forward over 15 years and finally the dream of creating a pretty photo out of cloth and thread was about to come true!
In my eagerness as a young married woman looking for a hobby that did not take lots of cash to indulge in shopping one day at a local store I found the perfect photo to start my new hobby with. It was a small kit that included the thread, the needle, the cloth and the instructions on how to stitch a sailing ship in profile on the water.
Eagerness did not take into account that I had no clue how to start the project, it was thrown into a container with my crochet items as I had to give up in tears because no matter how many times I tried just could not figure out the directions on how to do the stitching.
Flash forward again to 4 moves and 10 years later. Living in a mobile home park in 1991 I met one of my neighbors, a woman for whom cross-stitch was a daily practice. She even entered craft shows and won with her framed works! Linda taught me the basics, gave me some patterns, had the patience when I had questions when I messed up what I was working on and lo and behold my little sailboat kit was finally brought out and it was worked up in less than a few hours and I was so excited to
   see it finally finished and framed years later.
 After many years of stitching there were framed projects on my walls that made me smile with delight every time I looked at them hanging there, knowing that they were made by my own hands gave me the greatest satisfaction I have ever had since learning how to successfully cook without using a recipe from a book! (That is another story in motivation let me tell you!)
My sampling of a few of my many finished cross-stitch projects that are shown above are all gone now since the fire over Labor Day weekend 2011, the joy I felt crafting them however lives on with the photos of my completed works. Recently my motivation for creative crafting has come back resulting in the purchase of one Cross-Stitch kit and I have started a photo of two horses that will be 9 inches by 12 inches when inserted in a 13 inch by 16 inch frame.  Needless to say working on hand crafts takes time away from my reading, it also allows me to take a break from books which I need every once in a while.

What kind of motivation do you have? Are you a motivated cook, artist, crafter, adrenaline junkie or other? Please share what gives you joy and allows you to be "creatively productive"?Photobucket



Aurian said...

I admire your work Jackie. For me, there is not a creative bone in my body. I do love to read, and blog about books, and read some more, and interact with authors and other bloggers/readers on Twitter and Facebook.
But I did use to do "ministeck", but with one exception, never kept the finished work, always recycled it.

Jackie Burris said...

Consider creativeness another way, you garden and cook so that counts just as much as hand crafts do.

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Oh those are beautiful! It's been years since I've cross stitched. I did it for a short while when younger, but quit as I wasn't getting done fast enough. lol.

Jackie Burris said...

Thanks Melissa, my projects were mostly smaller ones so they could be finished easily.