Peeping Tom {My Thoughts}

Peeping TomPeeping Tom by Rachelle Le Monnier
Published March 8th 2009 by Smashwords, Inc
ISBN  0000796832  (ISBN 13:  2940000796832
read January 28,2012
Source: Personal copy bought by me
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Book Synopsis
A couple of weeks in the sun, away from the pressures of life, was just what Stella needed. After losing her inhibitions along with her bikini, she quickly decides the only thing she thing she needs to work hard on is her all-over tan. Unfortunately, she soon realises her poolside terrace isn’t quite as private as she first thought... 

My Thoughts

Stella is away for a short vacation and since her villa has a private terrace she thinks nothing of sunbathing in the nude. One day she hears some strange sounds that make her self conscious but she dismisses it and carries on so that when she goes back to England her all over tan is at it's peak of perfection.

Several days later she is surprised to find a strange man named Tom at her door inviting her to the villa next door to eat dinner with he and his parents. She nearly says no but instead decides to accept the invitation and during the course of the evening Tom makes it known to Stella that he has been watching her while she sunbathes nude. He also lets her know that he loves to take photos, all kinds of photos!

Stella thinks Tom is handsome and sexy but decides it would be a bad idea to have a relationship with her "neighbor".

What happens next gets pretty intense both in the bedroom and out, Stella ends up going home thinking she will never see Tom again and when he turns out to be the photographer hired to work with her and her partner the sparks turn into an inferno once more.

You get a better story than you bargained for but at the end you do not get complete closure so there is a possibility there could be more written with these characters in the future and there is also a possibility there will not be.
For a free read it is well worth the time it takes to enjoy on a chilly winter day!
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