Calling Authors and Bloggers....

My "doll" Munequa
My "boys" Nikki who is gone but not forgotten and 
my Tomcat Blade.
In Mid March of 2013 I am one of the participants in the "Bloggers Help Paws With A Cause" Blog Hop which is being sponsored by Danielle @ Romance Book Junkies and Laurie @ Bitten By Paranormal Romance and this post is a shout out for help to those authors and fellow bloggers with pets who would be willing to supply me with guest post material and maybe a giveaway or two
 during the hop. 
What I need and would really love to share is a week of posts with your pet or pets spotlighted, it could be one you would like to remember that has passed on or one that you are currently entertained by and would like to share the antics of that have stories that are too good not to share with the whole world of blogging! For ideas Laurie has provided a few links to show as example posts by authors here is one on cats if you would like to see this one on dogs or this one spotlighting both cat and dog you might get some idea of how easy the post can be. (I would need photos attached to use but the post can be lighthearted fun or serious as long as your pet or pets are the main focus that is up to you.)
The hop runs from March 1st through 8th and it is to benefit Paws With A Cause .
The main giveaway by the event sponsors will be a BN.com or Amazon.com gift card. The face amount will be determined by the number of bloggers participating in the blog hop and to do so, we need each participating blogger to send Laurie a $1 via Paypal at rlgarris3@yahoo.com (must be sent as a gift so no fees are taken out). 
(Sign ups here will stay open until January 31st and you will have until then to give your $1 to Laurie for the gift certificate giveaway this is not for the charity.)

As an incentive to give generously on March 8, everyone who donates to Paws with a Cause via the EverRibbon Website will earn one entry per $1 donated to win the Bn.com or Amazon.com gift card  or one of two other prizes to be determined. 

The week long event will be up to each blogger who posts, but  all bloggers are to post their own pets guest post on March 1st 2013.
The rest of the week can be set up to spotlight an author or fellow bloggers featuring  their pets.The author or blogger can host giveaways that week to spice things up in hopes to get more donations. So pretty much what I am in need of is 6 more guest posts to run from March 2nd to March 8th, like I said with or without giveaways from those who help draw awareness to the hop.
If anyone out there can please find it in their hearts to help me out need to get the posts in hand to set up no later than February 15th in case of any crazy Internet foul-ups on my end.

You can contact me @ jacabur2008@gmail.com, even better would be more than 6 posts and I can just double up the scheduling dates that way to bring more awareness.

Here is to our furry friends, without whom our homes would be cleaner but oh so empty!



Maria Zannini said...

I think I can do it, Jackie. I'm sure there's a dog story in me somewhere. :)

Jackie Burris said...

Maria thank you and spread the word as would love to have the week filled with furbaby stories!

Jackie Burris said...

Thanks Maria, looking forward to sharing it!

Amy Jarecki said...

I'd like to do this!! I have a book coming out in July entitled Chihuahua Momma! I've got tons of Chihuahua pictures and stories to share! If you hop over to my blog and scroll down to the bottom, I've got a few Chi pictures there as well!

Jackie Burris said...

Amy your participation would be welcome and your little Chi's are totally awesomely adorable! :-0