Back Porch visitors sighted.....

Sometimes at night we like to sit outside on our back porch, only lasts a while because the mosquitoes eventually drive us in. (Price you pay when you live out near a big body of water like the Colorado River that is behind our property.)

I have seen owls on the top of our chain link fenced in back yard, possums catching bugs underneath the security light before we had it removed, lightning bugs gleaming across my line of sight going to the brushline that borders our property on 3 sides and right outside the back door the object of this post lurks nightly once it gets dark. 
Every night and every early am "call to nature" when I take my little Chihuahua out to do his business there are "visitors" hanging on the walls of the porch near the windows. Because we leave an outside light on all night the moths, Mayflies and other small flying insects congregate on our back wall of windows that showcase the back yard when we are in our living room. When you see these "visitors" after turning the light on they are very still unless you get right near them at which point of course they run off and find a nearby crevice to crawl into and hide from the human presence!

Almost every house I have lived in we have had these little lizards, they enjoy cool spaces after the heat of the day and they also lounge in mulch in the flower beds because like the back porch windows there are insects to eat that live there with them.

What strange or interesting things do you see outside your door when you go outside at night?



Maria Zannini said...

I probably see the same things you do.

Aside from scorpions, snakes, and coyotes (the bite-y ones), there are whippoorwills, deer, wild boars. and owls.

The whippoorwills are neat, but very loud--especially when they're outside your window.

Jackie Burris said...

Maria the Barn Owls Out here serenade us at the back of the house, have not heard one in a while though.

Our neighbor says we have Bald Eagles out here and family of Bobcats living on property that divides our land and his with a small creek running through it. We have neither seen nor heard them yet.

June G said...

Tell me about those mosquitoes! They really ruin a lovely evening. Argh!

Yvonne said...

We see raccoons and lots of stray cats.

Jackie Burris said...

June the little winged Vampires are not so bad now we have cooler weather but they are still around.

Yvonne we have seen Racoon tracks after it rained and it walked on back porch leaving paw prints. Stray cats we see about 1 a month or so.