Author Christine Nolfi-Guest Post-The Tree of Everlasting Knowledge.

It is with great pleasure today that I once again have author Christine Nolfi on my blog. Christine is here today to share the news of her March 9th release of her newest book "The Tree of Everlasting Knowledge". She also shares how her four adopted children came into her life and inspired this book. The book is about family, about love, about hope in the midst of darkness and most of all a look at how people can triumph over adversity and heartbreak coming out stronger for going through them!

Without further ado please welcome Christine!

Out of the darkness and into the light!

I first met my four children on an orphanage’s steps in the sweltering heat of the jungle. I’d traveled around the belly of the earth to arrive, a woman nearing forty who was long past the age most folks start a family.

Despite my thin self-assurances, maturity hadn’t prepared me for motherhood. The kids were as badly abused and malnourished as any of the world’s Forgotten Children. My two younger daughters wore baby clothes even though they were nearing their 5th birthday. My older daughter (age 7) and my son (6) looked like toddlers.

Despite every cruelty the kids had endured they proved to be warm-hearted and brave in ways most of us can’t imagine. Each child harbored goodness, a deep-rooted decency that existed outside the hardships met. As the years passed, I was left wondering—how can children so badly abused rise above those memories to become surprisingly good?

That question drove the writing of The Tree of Everlasting Knowledge.

The novel addresses a truth about the human heart we should never take for granted—its ability to be drawn to the light. Yes, the world harbors darkness. Suffering and greed abound. What never make the headlines are the common moments of grace in everyday lives. People helping people. The love that secures a family. The acts of kindness that blossom every day.

If you’ve ever held an elderly parent’s hand or cradled a child in your arms; if you’ve ever waltzed across a dance floor with a man you love or smiled at a stranger for the sheer delight of sharing joy; rest assured—you, too are a Child of Light.

About the author:
 Christine’s debut, TREASURE ME and her March 2012 release, 
THE TREE OF EVERLASTING KNOWLEDGE continue to earn 4- and 5-star reviews on Amazon, GoodReads and other sites. She has been writing novels full-time since 2004. Look for her next release, Second Chance Grill, in April.
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The story of how Christine met her children is heartbreaking and also heartwarming as well. It truly makes one appreciate living in the US with all of our privileges even in today's crazy economy.
Christine many kudos on raising four wonderfully rounded human beings and here is to great success with your latest book, may it touch many lives in days to come!



Jackie Burris said...

Morning Christine, thanks for sharing your story today. It was fun to meet the characters in Treasure Me, this new book has a whole different vibe but from reading reviews has already made an impact on readers. Congratulations on a job well done!

Aurian said...

Thanks for the blogpost! I really admire you for taking on 4 little children all at once! There would have been some huge problems and differences to overcome, for instance language. Eating and sleeping and bathing customs.

I am 40 now, and since almost a year, I have gained a boyfriend with two daughters. And one of those is every second weekend with us. So: instant parttime stepmother. She is a sweetheart, but she lives in a home, due to some mental problems (something I never notice when she is with us). But I have to admit to being glad that it is parttime. She enjoys being with us, for which I am happy, as it means I am not failing in making her feel at home and beloved.