In Phoenix Arizona today at Kittling:Books Scene Of The Blog, join me!

If like me you like to browse blogger spaces than please come join me today at CATHY'S in Phoenix and take a "tour" for yourself.
This is a regular feature that I discovered when she had SHELLEYRAE over at BOOKDOUT ,an Australian book blogger whose posts I follow and enjoy, share her space on her blog.
Cathy prefers crime and mystery thrillers but reads many genres like I do, today she showcases my workspace and a couple of my favorite reading areas and my reading buddy in one of them so hope to see you over at Kittling Books soon! 



Aurian said...

I went over :)
I am wondering about something, do you want to re-buy all your old favourite books which you lost in the fire again, or are you sticking with ebooks, and only buy new/unknown books?

jackie b central texas said...

Honestly have been going back and forth with that one, some of my favorite HB copy reads in several series have found used and others in my to be read books in MMPB as well.
Since have found out how much fun it is to try out Indie authors with the freebie reads on Amazon that is now my main library, what is on my Kindle.

Have to say after losing thousands of books am in no hurry to "hoard" them anymore!