Love Potions {My Thoughts}

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Love Potions
By Michelle McCleod
Kindle Edition Published September 23rd 2011
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Love PotionsLove Potions by Michelle McCleod

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Synopsis

An incompetent witch, a cursed elf, and the wizard who wants to kill them.

Witch-in-training, Marion, is about to flunk her Potions class because of a serious case of 'love block'. If her love potions keep exploding like stink bombs, she won’t graduate to the magical defense classes she really wants to take. A problem because her ex-boyfriend is out of prison and wants to pick up where they left off...with his hands around her throat.

When Marion learns she’ll never make a love potion if she doesn’t fall in love, she takes a risk on Aidan, a handsome, charming elf with a heartbreaking secret.

My Thoughts
A misguided witch in training Marion cannot get her Love Potions to stop exploding, her best friend Raven is a man magnet while Marion has not dated since leaving behind her psychotic ex boyfriend who is also a powerful wizard. Along comes Aidan who has been banished from Faery for insulting his Queen and has been sent on a quest to redeem himself, meeting Marion seems like the answer to his problems in one fell swoop. Mix the romance with the drama and you have a read that is both sizzling and suspenseful and that makes this little novella a sweet love story that has just the right amount of dramatic tension to add spice to the plot. As a debut the novella was just long enough to provide complete and interesting characters, just short enough to enjoy in one sitting and leave the reader wanting more. Taking this journey with Marion and Aidan is something you really do not want to miss!

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