Vampire Wire: Interview & Contest with Molly Harper, Author of NICE GIRLS DON'T LIVE FOREVER

Vampire Wire: Interview & Contest with Molly Harper, Author of NICE GIRLS DON'T LIVE FOREVER

Release Party, Chat and Contest with Author Marianne Mancusi

Thanks everyone for joining me at my virtual release party for the Blood Coven Vampires series. Originally published back in 2006, the first three books in the series – Boys that Bite, Stake That, Girls That Growl – have been revamped with hot new covers and a fourth book in the series, Bad Blood, which will be out in January 2010.

The series follows two twins – Sunshine and Rayne – who, while identical on the outside, couldn’t be more different on the inside. While Sunny’s your typical, everyday high school girl who loves field hockey, drama, and cute boys, Rayne’s a goth girl who wants nothing more than to become a creature of the night forever.

Rayne’s networked, been on waiting lists—she even took a three month certification course to become a vampire. But when the night comes when she’s scheduled to be bitten and transformed…her vampire sponsor accidentally bites her twin instead.

Now Sunny – who never even knew even vampires existed before now – has a week to figure out a way to reverse the transformation. Or she’ll become a vampire forever.

While technically a YA, I wrote the series to appeal to both teens and adults alike and filled it with humor, romance and a whole lot of vampy angst. People have compared it to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which is definitely a compliment to me – as that’s one of my favorite series ever!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’ll enter the Bitten by Books contest and check out the Blood Coven Vampires!

I have a few questions for you to get the party started:

1) If you had the opportunity to sign up to become a vampire — gaining everlasting life, riches beyond compare, and a sexy soul mate to spend eternity with - would you do it? Even if it meant drinking blood from donors instead of eating again and never going out in the sun? Why or why not?

2) Every vampire novel has its own “rules” about what vampires can or cannot do. If you created your own vampire world, what would your rules be?

3) Obviously there are a lot of vampire books out there. What keeps you reading them? (Or are you sick to death of them and wish the trend would be quickly “staked”?)


Learn more about Marianne Mancusi here

Read Reviews of her work here.
To visit the author’s website go here.
To visit the author’s blog go here.


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1. The easiest way to enter is by purchasing copies of Marianne’s books. Yep, it is true, if you purchase a copies of any of Marianne’s books by using these links here:

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Bad Blood

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Interview: Alexandra Ivy and a Guardian Giveaway Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Interview: Alexandra Ivy and a Guardian Giveaway

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Today we have a very special guest with us, the very talented and fangalious Alexandra Ivy! She is the best selling author of the Guardians of Eternity series. And if you are a vampire romance lover like me, you have to read these books if you haven't already! ;) So without further ado let's get this interview started!

JJ: Hello Alexandra! It’s so good to have you join us today! Could you please start by tell us a little about yourself?

AI: Like most writers I started off as an avid reader. During college I turned my creative interests toward theatre and enjoyed several years of summer stock theatre as well as playwriting, before I returned my interest to writing. Of course, it took another ten years of struggling to have my first book published. I’ve always been more a tortoise than a hare.

JJ: Alexandra tell us about your latest release in the Guardians of Eternity Series (Darkness Unleashed)?

AI: A scarred recluse, Jagr makes no secret of his disdain for others' company. But now, as a member of Chicago's powerful vampire clan, he has certain obligations to fulfill. The latest: track down a missing were pureblood and return her to her sister. The problem: Regan Garrett has no intention of complying. And though Jagr agreed not to harm an inch of this stubborn female's distractingly tempting body, he'll gladly kiss her into submission, awakening an urge he hasn't felt in years. Hell, in centuries...Regan vowed never to be at the mercy of another man. That goes double for arrogant, steel-muscled vampires with eyes of ice. All Regan wants is revenge against those who imprisoned her. She doesn't need an ally. She certainly doesn't need a mate. But soon Regan will have to choose - between a lust for vengeance, and a passion as dark and dangerous as the night...

JJ: Can you also share with us some of the unique things about the Guardian’s Universe for those that might not have gotten the chance to read the books before.

AI: In my universe the vampires have no memories of their previous lives and after a long history of brutal clan wars, they are currently attempting to become more civilized as a race, although not all vampires are on board with the changes. I’ve also introduced Werewolves who are struggling against extinction.

JJ: I LOVE your take on the vamp world and the introduction of the werewolves as well! That being said I was wondering would you let one of your vamps bite you?And if so which one? I’ve always wanted to ask that question lol. Would you ever turn into a vamp if given the chance if that were possible?

AI: I fall in love with all my heroes and I would absolutely let them bite me! In fact, I might do some biting myself. And I have to admit I’m not sure about whether I would want to turn into a vampire. Like any choice there are good and bad points about such an existence. Of course, the never aging thing would ROCK!

JJ: Some may know this while others might not you also write historical romance as Deborah Raleigh. Could you tell us some about your writing going on there as well.

AI: My latest book, Seduce Me By Christmas, just came out in October under the name Deborah Raleigh. It’s the last in a trilogy about three friends who are searching for the truth of the pasts. Like my paranormals there is always a bit of humor in the books and a mystery.

JJ: Alex what is your all time favorite book that you have read or books if your like me I can never choose just one lol?

AI: I’m not kidding when I say the list is endless. I have sooooo many fav authors, and I read so many different genres. Just off the top of my head I would say Georgette Heyer, Agatha Christie, Oscar Wilde, Robert Jordan, Amanda Quick, Janet Evanovich, Ilona Andrews, Kim Harrison, JR Ward, Patricia Briggs, Karen Chance… Okay, you get the idea. :)

JJ: Did you always want to be an author?

AI: Off and on. I sometimes wanted to be an actress, a playwright, and for a few years I worked as an activity director at a local college, which I loved, but I was always writing.

JJ: Who are some of your biggest influences in writing?

AI: I think because of my years in theatre some of my greatest influences have come from the stage. I love the clever wit of Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw, Noel Coward, and Neil Simon. That’s probably why I can’t seem to write the dark, angsty books that sell so well!

JJ: What is a typical writing day like for you Alex?

AI: I’ve learned over the years that I can never predict what the day will bring, so I get up early and do an hour to an hour and half of exercising. That way I don’t have an excuse not to do it later. :) Then I spend an hour or so on the computer answering email and updating my various sites. After that I go to my office (or Troll Hole as my sons call it) and I start writing. Occasionally poke my head out to do enough housework to stay ahead of disaster and prepare dinner, but I usually spend ten to twelve hours a day writing.

JJ: Do you listen to music while you are writing and if so what music is it?

AI: No, I usually have the tv on, but I’m never paying attention. It’s just background noise.

JJ: If you could be one of your characters – Who would you be? And why?

AI: I really liked Shay! She was just so kick ass. It would be great to have that kind of strength and courage. :)

JJ: Is there a genre of book (and or setting or both lol) you would like to write but haven't yet?

AI: I’ve actually thought of an Urban Fantasy I would love to write. It’s always about time…sigh. It just goes by too fast.

JJ: OOO you really should try that you would be fabulous at it!!!

JJ: Do you ever find it hard at times to write love scenes?

AI: Absolutely. Capturing the excitement and passion of a love scene is always difficult. Sometimes you get too caught in describing the physical act and forget that it’s more about the emotion than the simple touch.

JJ: What would be the best way for readers contact you? Do you have a website? Email address? MySpace site? Blog? Message Board? Group?

AI: All of the above!

Alexandra Ivy News Blog
Alexandra Ivy Website
Alexandra on Facebook
Alexandra Twitter
Authors After Dark Blog
Deborah Raleigh
Guardians of Eternity Myspace

JJ: Alexandra do you ever use real life actors or actresses as how you see your characters when you write in your head? I know I personally see them as the main characters a lot in the books I read when I’m reading them so I was just wondering if authors do that as well when they are writing them?

AI: Only visually. I try not to think of them as people or it starts to influence the character I’m trying to create.

JJ: And before we go here hon anything else you want to share feel more than free to do so. :)

AI: Darkness Unleashed is the fifth book in the Guardian series. Book six, Beyond the Darkness, should be hitting the shelves in April! And I’m happy to give away a copy of Darkness Unleashed! :)

JJ: Wonderful! Ok ladies you heard Ms. Ivy be sure to leave your comments and questions here to this post and be entered in the drawing for a copy of Darkness Unleashed!!!

Alex thank you so much for being here with us its been a true honor having you here. You are an amazing author and an even more amazing lady in RL. :)

AI: Thanks, Jenn!!

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At BBB today’s book discussion will be about Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead.

Welcome to our Wednesday Book. So, lets talk about books!

Today’s book discussion will be about Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead.

Read a review of the book here: http://bittenbybooks.com/?p=39

Today’s questions:

Georgina Kinkaid has a “job” she is not always too crazy about, as her own continued existence relies upon sucking the essence/life force/soul out of humans via sex. Do you think that Richelle manages to create a sympathetic character in Georgina?

How do you like Georgina’s band of immortal pals?

Note: If you are going to post major spoiler, be sure to post this first in your comment. Do this


then hit the ENTER key six or seven times so there is a nice big space before the spoiler. That way others can avoid them if they want.This is called Spoiler vision.

Contest: One lucky winner will win a bag of author swag, open to readers worldwide. All you need to do to enter is.

1. Comment and chat here today AND leave at least one comment or question on the book title we are discussing. Even if you haven’t read it. You could ask what makes the characters so compelling to others, or have them convince you to buy the book. LOL Just because you haven’t read it doesn’t mean you can’t chat with us.

2. Attend and comment at the Release Party, Chat and Contest with author Marianne Mancusi today.

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