Bitten By Books Daily Book Chat and Contest - Vampire Babylon series by Chris Marie Green

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First thing is first, the winner from yesterday’s chat is Kristi. Kristi, please email me at racoo.smith at gmail.com (no spaces) with your name and address so we can send your swag out.
Welcome to our Tuesday Book. So, lets talk about books!

One of our staff reviewers here at BBB Carol, has been kind enough to help me out with some topics for discussion on various books. She’s worked with many of our favorite authors on panels at Dragon*con etc. She has some great questions to stir up our discussion today!

Today’s book discussion will be about Vampire Babylon series by Chris Marie Green.

Read reviews of the series here: http://bittenbybooks.com/?page_id=58&book_author_id=Chris Marie Green

Today’s questions:

The author has set up the series so that books one through three complete a trilogy story arc, and books four through six, though using the same characters and drawing upon earlier events, will complete another. If you have read the books, how do you like this approach?

Who are your favorite characters and why?

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Contest: One lucky winner will win a bag of author swag, open to readers worldwide. All you need to do to enter is.

1. Comment and chat here today AND leave at least one comment or question on the book title we are discussing. Even if you haven’t read it. You could ask what makes the characters so compelling to others, or have them convince you to buy the book. LOL Just because you haven’t read it doesn’t mean you can’t chat with us.

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Books in the Vampire Babylon series in the order they should be read:
Night Rising
Midnight Reign
Break of Dawn
A Drop of Red
The Path of Razors

Book 6 due out March 2010 and is called "Deep In The Woods"